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Signature Guarantee

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The Medallion Signature Guarantee Program provides a Medallion stamp to guarantee the signature(s) of a certified owner(s) for the sale, assignment, transfer, or redemption of a security. Stock, bond, mutual fund, and annuity transactions often require a Medallion Signature Guarantee. The guarantee program covers securities transactions only. This service is available at the following locations by appointment only for CCU members:

The Medallion Signature Guarantee Program includes, but is not limited to, account maintenance changes, beneficiary changes, or authorization for wire transfers. Documents with a Medallion stamp guarantee the following:

  • A signature is genuine
  • The signer was the appropriate person to be signing the document(s)
  • The signer had the legal capacity

You will need the following when requesting a Medallion Signature Guarantee:

  • Your CCU member number.
  • Your current and valid government-issued identification. All account owners need to be present at the same time.
  • Your most recent account statement (no more than 3 months old) showing ownership, account number, value of the security and/or number of shares if applicable.
  • Your completed documents. Documents with corrections or that are incomplete cannot be signature guaranteed. Do not sign your completed form(s). You will sign in front of a CCU representative during your appointment.
  • Your letter of intent and written instructions from a brokerage firm, if applicable. The instructions need to state what must be in the letter, who should sign the letter, and that the signatures must be guaranteed.
  • Your proof that you are the appropriate person to sign in a capacity other than the owner (Power of Attorney, Trustee, Executor, etc.). If owner is living, sane, and sound mind CCU may require the owner to be in person at signing and additional Power of Attorney documentation. (All Power of Attorney documents not on file with CCU, need to be reviewed by CCU’s attorney, prior to Medallion Stamp) Proof may include Power of Attorney documents, Marriage Certificate, Trust Documents, Death Certificate, Letters of Office, and Corporate Resolutions.

  • Check for a blank box near the signature(s) area designated for the Signature Guarantee. When a separate box is not provided, proof of authenticity may be affected, and your document(s) could be rejected by the financial institution that requires the Medallion imprint.

Under the Medallion Signature Guarantee program, CCU will retain copies or documentation of all documents and forms examined and signed. CCU may ask for other documentation besides what is listed above or consult with legal counsel if necessary.

CCU may only provide a Signature Guarantee if the documentation and/or forms provided are sufficient to determine the appropriate person to sign.

Please contact CCU at 800-677-8506 if you have any questions concerning the program, availability at branch locations, or to schedule an appointment.

A Medallion Signature Guarantee is different from a Notary. A Notary cannot stamp in the place of a Medallion Signature Guarantee. 

Please note that a research fee may apply if research is required. Please refer to our fee schedule for a list of current fees.