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Saving is easier when you know why you’re saving and how to make it a priority. For example, what if you could set up multiple accounts, each labeled to reflect your savings goals? You can. In fact, Corning Credit Union offers seven ways for you to move your money in the right direction. Our savings accounts are easy to manage and convenient to use – from your mobile device, online, on the phone, or in a branch office.


All Purpose Savings: Looking for a simple way to save money for your vacation, new appliances, or taxes? Then an All Purpose Savings account is just what you need.

CCU Supersavers Accounts: This program is geared toward youth and encourages smart financial habits by rewarding children for actively saving money.

Custodial Accounts: Enjoy the potential tax advantages of a Custodial account and watch as your investment grows.

Holiday Club Accounts: Take the stress out of your holiday and other year-end expenses. Our Holiday Club account is an easy way to save for the holidays.

Money Market Accounts: Convenient. Easy. Flexible. Enjoy the benefits of higher yield money market rates.

Share Certificates: Grow your nest egg faster. Share certificates let you earn a higher rate than traditional savings accounts.

Share Savings: When you open a Share Savings account, you’re not just a new customer. You’re a new owner.

Trust & Estate Accounts: Trusts aren’t just for the wealthy. They’re for anyone who wants to make sure their family’s financial goals are met.