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Value Checking

Say goodbye to bank fees and hello to an economical and hassle-free personal checking account.

Features of Value Checking

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No Fees. No Minimum Balance. No Problem.

Now you can experience the benefits of having a personal checking account at no cost. Value Checking is ideal for those who want a simple, personal way to manage their money.

Flexible, convenient, and designed to fit your lifestyle. Value Checking offers:

Compare the differences between our checking accounts

Windfall Checking® All Axcess X-treme Value Advantage
Pays dividends yes1     yes2
Refunds ATM fees yes3 yes3      
Designed for younger members   yes yes    
No minimum balance required yes yes yes yes  
No monthly service fee yes yes yes yes yes
No per-check charge yes yes yes yes yes
Free digital banking access yes yes yes yes yes
Free mobile banking apps yes yes yes yes yes
Free Check/ATM card yes yes yes yes yes
Unlimited CCU ATM Access yes yes yes yes yes

1Dividends paid on balances up to $20,000. If requirements are not met, dividend will not be paid.

2$4,000 minimum balance earns dividends.

3ATM fees refunded up to $30 a month. If requirements are not met, ATM fees will not be refunded.

Overdraft Protection

Protects your checking account from insufficient funds by automatically transferring funds from your savings account in the event of an overdraft.

Can transfer funds in two ways:

    • From savings ($3 fee per item).
    • From Visa® via a cash advance.

Enhanced Overdraft Protection

Works in conjunction with overdraft protection to prevent paper checks and ACH (automated clearing house) transactions from being returned for insufficient funds. Once all of the funds available under your savings account have been exhausted, we may access your Enhanced Overdraft Protection amount, up to $400 maximum, for the remainder of the funds needed to cover your checks. This will place your checking account in a negative balance.

  • Available to members in good standing over the age of 18.
  • Available for ACH transactions and paper checks.
  • Can overdraw up to $400.
  • There is a $32 charge for each item cleared using Enhanced Overdraft Protection.