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X-treme Checking (Youth)

Features of X-treme Checking

Parent and daughter with a computer

Checking Made Simple

X-treme Checking gives teens (and their parents) a safe way to track and manage their spending while developing smart money-management skills.

Designed especially for younger (age 13-17) members. X-treme Checking helps parents teach financial responsibility and money management by issuing an X-treme check card in the minor’s name.

The X-treme check card:

  • Eliminates the need for kids to carry cash.
  • Can be used to make purchases over the phone or online.
  • Doubles as an ATM card.
  • Overdraft protection available.

Restrictions: An adult must be joint on the account. Access to cash by ATM withdrawals, is limited to $200 per day. Purchase transactions are limited to $200 per day and/or 10 transactions per day. Transactions for Internet gambling, car rental, and quasi cash1 are prohibited.

Transaction availability may vary by location.

1A quasi cash transaction represents a merchant's sale of items that are directly converted to cash, such as gambling chips, money orders, wire transfers, etc.

Compare the differences between our checking accounts

Windfall Checking® All Axcess X-treme Value
Pays dividends yes1    
Refunds ATM fees yes2 yes2    
Designed for younger members     yes  
No minimum balance required yes yes yes yes
No monthly service fee yes yes yes yes
No per-check charge yes yes yes yes
Digital banking access yes yes yes yes
Mobile banking apps yes yes yes yes
Check/ATM card yes yes yes yes
Unlimited CCU ATM Access yes yes yes yes

1Dividends paid on balances up to $20,000. If requirements are not met, dividend will not be paid.

2ATM fees refunded up to $30 per qualification period. If requirements are not met, ATM fees will not be refunded.

Overdraft Protection

Protects your checking account from insufficient funds by automatically transferring funds, in the event of an overdraft.

Regular overdraft protection:

  • Can transfer funds in two ways:
    • From savings ($3 fee per item).
    • From Visa® by a cash advance.