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Why I Give to United Way by Andrea Troccia

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Corning Credit Union strives to make each one of the communities we serve better places to live through our volunteer and community support efforts. We are proud to partner with nonprofits, and actively encourage our teammates to volunteer when they can. 

Andrea Troccia, Supervisor, NC Branches, often takes the lead on the volunteer efforts in the Wilmington area and is very active with many nonprofits, but especially the United Way of the Cape Fear Area. She was recently featured in their “Why I Give” campaign. Her article appeared in the Dec. 8, 2019 edition of the Wilmington, NC Star News:

"A couple of years ago I met Craig Heim and the United Way team. Their passion for our community and desire to serve others was so inspiring that it made me want to get involved. I was invited to serve on a committee where I learned more about our community’s needs, and the nonprofits that work to meet those needs. Because of these experiences, I am committed to educating others by sharing their stories, both of heartache and triumph. Through the spirit of giving, we can celebrate these moments together. 

"I’m fortunate to work for an organization that is invested in our community and the United Way. This allows me the opportunity to give directly through my paycheck and by volunteering. Giving isn’t one size fits all, but there are so many options for giving your time, talent or treasure to those in need. 

"Why do I give? I give so that a child goes to bed with a full belly. I give so that people can get the help and resources they need. I give so that a child can participate in an after-school program and learn how to dance. I give so that a father can learn how to read a bedtime story to his child. I give out of gratitude so that others can experience the blessings I have. Please join me in giving to the United Way." 

Congratulations to Andrea for this honor!