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Small Biz Spotlight - New Hanover Printing and Publishing, Wilmington, NC

Owners: Tony and Cindy Howell
General Manager: Charlie Howell, Son

Would you share some information about your business?

New Hanover Printing and Publishing has been in the Wilmington, NC area for over 30 years, under 3 different owners – my wife and I being the latest. “Business cards to Billboards” is a slogan that we’ve adopted to show just what we’re capable of. To create more of a benefit for the community, we have expanded the business to include various types of signage, including monument and wayward signs. In doing this, it allows our team to help customers maximize their marketing needs, while only dealing with one entity. With this expansion we are now a one-stop-shop for most of your marketing and business needs. No matter the size of the print, design, mailing, or publishing job, we are here to serve and provide the best products and experience possible.

What is your business philosophy?

This business has been built on quality and customer service for many years and has maintained a substantial customer base. We plan to keep that same quality and customer service with our ownership, renewing that emphasis with many more product lines that are a result of our latest addition of signage.

What was the biggest surprise you encountered regarding your business?

In the beginning, it wasn’t obvious to me what all was involved with printing. It became apparent, very quickly, that it was a lot more involved than just pressing a few buttons. Our staff members that remained with the company from previous owners are very well educated with the processes and have been a huge asset to keeping our customers happy and satisfied. It is because of this, that we have been able to add additions and offer a greater variety of products to choose from without any major setbacks.

What were your experiences when you searched for a financial institution to help your business and why did you decide to work with CCU?

I ultimately chose CCU because of the rates, the knowledge provided to me about the lending process as a small business, and because I was told up front about the limitations of what I could and couldn’t borrow, without any additional processes. When I reached out to several other financial institutions, I wasn’t provided with that detailed information and there were other processes that were not as easy and would have slowed everything down. I didn’t know about CCU until recommended by a friend, and I am glad he did because it worked out really well.

How did CCU help with your financial needs?

I expected the process to be more difficult but CCU made it very easy. The ease of being able to work with everyone at CCU, getting everything organized, getting the loan, and the communication of the whole process was a breeze. The entire staff at your 17th Street Extension Branch in Wilmington was very helpful and they are always able to provide what I need. The attitude of everyone in the branch is always friendly and helpful.