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Creating a Strong Password

Posted in Security

What's your password? Don’t tell us (seriously, number one rule, don’t tell anyone your password!), just think about what your passwords are for a second. Are they strong and unique? Have you changed them lately? Do you use a different password for each account? If you answered no to any of these, you’re putting your personal information at risk. Here’s a quick reminder from our Information Security team on how to create a strong password and how you can help keep your information secure:

  • Consider including uppercase letters, digits, and/or symbols in unpredictable places. Attackers know that most people put numbers and symbols at the end of their password and uppercase letters at the beginning so using this trick can help throw them off.
  • Create a pass “phrase” instead of a password. This can be a series of random words or an entire sentence that only has meaning to you and can include spacing, punctuation, digits, and symbols. These are easier to remember, but still hard for hackers to figure out.
  • Change your password 2-4 times a year to give attackers less of a chance to guess your credentials and gather your information.
  • Never use the same password for all of your accounts. Once hackers figure out one password, they can use it on your other accounts to gain access to your information.

Remember to change your password